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Global Study Abroad

Connie Said:

Where can I find money to pay for study abroad?

We Answered:

What university are you attending and how are you paying for that? What does your department advisor say? The financial aid office? What are your parents doing to help you get your education? You are, after all, their responsibility.

You neglect to mention your citizenship and where you attending college. But assuming you are a US citizen attending a US university, you ought to be able to earn $4000 over the summer vacation with your summer job. That's only $400 a week for 10 weeks. And you can apply for a student loan through your financial aid office.

Leon Said:

My school does not offer a study abroad program, are there any websites I can visit?

We Answered:

i did something called veraldevenir in iceland for 3 weeks, but you could extend it. you could potentially get internship credit if you declare a major quick enough.

you might be able to do service learning or alternative spring break. there might be a deparmtnet for that

Allen Said:

Are there any schools similar to the Global College of Long Island that promote study abroad?

We Answered:

Many schools allow or offer study abroad particularly for the junior year./

Christina Said:

Has anyone used the study abroad program Global Learning Semesters?

We Answered:

I participated in a fabulous program, called HomeStay Spain in SPAIN. After speaking with other kids in the group who had participated in other exchange programs abroad we decided this was the best! If you are interested in a lifestyle immersion experience and willing to learn about Spanish Culture and Lifestyle, this is the most amazing program available. The beautiful and safe town of Santander is known for its cultural refinement, and an atmosphere typical of old Spain. It is so much fun!!! And we learned so much!!!! It was so enriching. I LOVED IT!!! Both my sister and I participated different summers and we had a blast! We made so many good friends we still keep in touch with! The program is really well planned out and people are lovely! Many host families have teens. They even allow you to come with a friend to stay in same host family home or in a different home. And if you sign up early they allow you to choose from the available host families for a perfect fit. Check their website

Before deciding among different programs I had a chance to speak with some contacts that had participated in this program and my parents did as well. Everyone spoke wonders about this program, the host families and the local director Nuria, who is such a nice lady.

This program is considered the most complete exposure to a foreign country because as they say it is true that it combines CLASSES (art, debate, street talk, folklore, DANCING classes, among others) with FUN and EXCITING ACTIVITIES such as Latin Dance Classes, Bullfight, Boat Excursion, etc…, FULL DAY OUTINGS to places of historical and cultural interest such as prehistoric Altamira Caves, Guggenheim Museum, Roman Ruins, "Capricho de Gaudi", Roman Route Hiking adventure, etc... are also ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE while living with a local, loving and carefully selected HOST FAMILY. I know this program allows you to choose from several host families (the type of things this program does, no other program would ever) in order for everyone to be happy.

Amber Said:

Studying abroad next year...Should I get a Droid 2 Global?

We Answered:

The problem is if you do a subsidized upgrade for your new d2 global you will need to keep your plan for two years, so you may end up paying quite a bit for a USA plan that you never use while you're over there. I don't know enough about the specifics of the network in Ireland or what the best way to get service there, but I imagine you can just pick up a sim card, drop it in and go.

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