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Graduate Study Abroad

Minnie Said:

Are there any Scholarships for studying abroad for Graduate School?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Rita Said:

Importance of study abroad in graduate school admissions?

We Answered:

Of course it's possible to get in a good program, but Comp Lit is a tough field to do without study abroad, especially as the field of literature seems to be redefining itself more toward cultural studies. Spending time abroad is definitely crucial to the study. As an undergraduate, you can probably get away with not doing a formal study abroad. For your summer research projects, you should try as best you can to work with someone at the institutions where you'll be doing research--kind of like a mentor of some sort--even if you can only get the person to donate an hour a week of their time. You will get more out of your studies that way, have something interesting to write about in your application essay, and maybe even you can get that person to write a recommendation for you for graduate school.

Good luck!

Sherri Said:

Hoow do I can get a free Post graduate study abroad?

We Answered:

Finland, Norway, Germany and Brazil offer free Post graduate education.
Check the embassy's near you to know more about it.

In Australia the PG programmes cost about 30, 000 USD /yr

I haven't any clue about how good the education is.. anywayss if you're good. It won't hurt you! Albert Einstein did "just" school education.. that too in Germany. He never did a M.S in the U.S.

Ramona Said:

Can you study abroad your senior year in high school and still get an American graduate degree?

We Answered:

Generally speaking, yes. You may have to take a course or two the summer before or the summer after you return however to complete the graduation requirements.

It will actually depend upon how your school counts your exchange year. Most will give you social studies, langauge and independent study credit. Sometimes you also get math and science as you will most likely be taking those classes. You may have to take a senior English and/or American government class by correspondence or in summer school.

Make sure you get the credit commitment from your school in writing!

Good luck!

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