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Grants For International Student

Neil Said:

where do I start to look for grants and scholarship for an international student to come to the usa?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Erin Said:

American university international grants?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Robin Said:

Is an international student eligible for FAFSA loans, grants or scholarships?

We Answered:

No, international students are not eligible for federal fin aid. Regarding scholarships, that will just depend on who is giving it out... read the criteria on them to see.

Johnnie Said:

Non EU International student can apply for UK student grants?

We Answered:

No non EU International students cannot apply for UK student grants or loans.

Darrell Said:

Please does any one know how i can get an international student grant or scholarship to study in USA,?

We Answered:

You might want to check out fullbright scholarshps. I'm not sure if this will answer your question but its worth a peek right?

Good Luck!

Jared Said:

As an international student will I get any grants or loans?

We Answered:

Where are you from? Bc that makes the bigger difference. Some countries will allow you to use government aid abroad (for example, if you are from the US, you can use stafford loans at an international university).

Overall, however, the grants and loans that you may be eligible for won't be very substantial as they could be if you were attending university in your homeland. The vast majority of students who study in another country for the entirety of their education come from affluent families who are able to pay for the total cost of attendance out-of-pocket. If your family is unable to afford this feat then consider going to university in your own country and studying abroad in Australia for a semester or year.

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