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Health Insurance International Student

Laurie Said:

The best place to get personal health coverage for an international student studying nursing?

We Answered:

A reasonable price is $250 a month. You can get this through your school most easily, and cheaper, too. Being an international student, most US health carriers are NOT going to want to cover you.

You ALSO might be able to find it in your country of residence. Or you can ask them if they'll waive it, because you can't find a provider willing to take you.

Paula Said:

I am an international student doing masters in US.Can I get a free health insurance coverage for limited time?

We Answered:

No one has free insurance coverage here.

You can contact a health insurance company and purchase a policy for a few months. When I was between jobs, I purchased a 60 day policy for about 200. It did not pay much, but helped out in the event of a major injury.

Depending on where you go to school - many colleges and universities have a student health services where you can get free and low cost care. It does not handle major injuries etc. But if you need to see a dr because you are sick, that is an option.

Josephine Said:

Regarding Preexisting condition in health insurance?

We Answered:

The issue will come down to if the international student health insurance is creditable coverage. Most health coverage is creditable coverage, such as coverage under a group health plan (including COBRA continuation coverage), HMO, individual health insurance policy, Medicaid or Medicare.

If you have not already received a certificate of creditable coverage from psiservice you need to contact them to get certificate from them.

Keith Said:

the best place to get personal health coverage for an international student studying nursing?

We Answered:

Unless you have to prove it, I would just tell them you have it when you don't. It is none of their concern anyway...

Or you could try calling Anthem Blue Cross /Blue shield or Aetna for individual coverage. They usually have TV ads for open enrollment this time of year...but not necessarily cheap. Or you could ask your car insurance agent if they know of any coverage from the same company for health insurance and you might get a break for having the insurance at the same company and maybe get it with a high deductible to save money...still might not be cheap....

You might be able to get by with siging a waver of liability to the school that you will not sue them if you catch an illness in the course of your schooling??

Violet Said:

Im international student without SS and I need a Health Insurance.Is there any good I can get?

We Answered:

Try Blue Shield/Blue Cross or Aetna if you want PPO.

Also try some HMO they are one stop shop, like Kaiser Permanente.

Jay Said:

i am international student , i need to apply health insurance(Texas)?

We Answered:

Actually, there are health insurance products designed specifically for non-US citizens visiting the US for up to five years.

You can get more info and quotes online:…

These products are written through the International Medical Group, underwritten by Sirius International (an AM Best A rated carrier.)

If you choose the right product, you would have coverage while you're in the US, but also wherever you may travel throughout the world. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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