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Help International Students

Bryan Said:

There are 40 people at a reception for international students?

We Answered:

Out of 40 total students, 7 are Peruvian girls (all that was given).

Your probability is 7 out of 40 that your student is a Peruvian girl.

It's really that simple AND I didn't draw any diagrams.

Eleanor Said:

What is the fee of attending the University of Oxford for undergraduate international students?

We Answered:

i go to that school

Dwayne Said:

Why do international students come to our country yet belittle it?

We Answered:

Shoot from the hip! I wouldn't care to be tactful to these vagabonds. You shouldn't either. They come here to mooch off of our country, stab us in the back, and then want to stick around longer to do it again for some other lame reason. They should all go back if they don't like it here or our way of life. Go home! How's that?

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