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Host International Student

Gladys Said:

We'd like to be a "host family" to an international student for a short term stay (2-4 weeks) any tips?

We Answered:

You can be an arrival family.

YFU and AFS, both top quality programs, will be looking. Usually these placements are for a few weeks, so that the kids can get permanent homes. However, if you become attached to your student and decide you want to keep him or her, most programs will allow you to do so.

You'll need to check with the high school the student will be attending to see if the are still accepting students for this year. Many are not. That's the place to start. If they are, contact YFU or AFS and apply!

Allan Said:

How to host a korean international student for homestay??

We Answered:

First of all I think you're so kind when doing this.
I think you should contact one of the nearest universities, I'm sure they will tell you how to do that, maybe there's already one for you.
It's convenient for the student, too because it's not far away from school, so they don't have to pay much for the transportation.

I wish I had met someone like you before :x

Glenda Said:

how can I host an exchange student in Colombia?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to use an exchange program. YFU and AFS both exchange to Colombia, contact them and apply!

Henry Said:

Have you hosted an international student in your home before?

We Answered:

I have been an exchange student and had a great experience. It is like having another child to the family, I assume. While I had my own money for entertainment and school stuff, meals and family trips were paid by my host family. The biggest problem will be that you need to take them everywhere since most exchange students are not allowed to drive for insurance purposes. Whoever organizes the exchange should be the emergancy contact, too. I had an agency that served as my and the families main contact.

Maurice Said:

I have an international student friend who needs to find a host family for Christmas - any suggestions?

We Answered:

email me with details. I like in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis

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