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Hosting International Students

Dolores Said:

How to host international students?

We Answered:

Many organizations look for "arrival" families. These are families who take students when they first arrive -- if there is not an available permanent family. The time period can last from a few days up to a month. A good organization will give you first choice on keeping your student for the year before moving them. Contact your local high school counselor to see what organizations are placing in that school. He or she can give you a contact person.

The other option is looking at 4-H. They often have international students coming in the summer for a few weeks at a time. These kids often come as groups and you might host one or two at a time. They will probably be younger than high school students and not have as good of English.

Hazel Said:

Would you be interested in hosting international students for 5K a year?

We Answered:


This sounds appealing indeed. Can you send me more details via email? My yahoo mail is the same as my id on Yahoo Answers. Thanks a lot.

Or if you have a webiste that I can see it would be great...

Courtney Said:

Hosting International Students Advice?

We Answered:

Normally people want to host kids to get familiar with other countries. NOT to get paid... you really shouldn't host if you just want money. Its not fair to the kid... even if its not on puropse, it will detract from their experience. Myself, who is hopefully going on an exchange (for 10th grade), I wouldn't go on an exchange that paid the host families. I want to be sure that a host family wants ME not MONEY!

Lillian Said:

Hosting a Student with Halal Requirements?

We Answered:

Many muslims want the chicken to be Halal too in addition to meat. So it might be a good idea to find out the degree of strictness the student persues.

Remember all the restrictions when eating out too. For example you cannot take the student to McDonalds for a hamburger.

In general avoid Pork and Alchohol in any of their forms.

Dawn Said:

Payments for hosting students studying abroad?

We Answered:

Nowadays, programs don't like to pay host families, they do it on a volunteer basis.

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