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Immigration Rules For International Students

Daniel Said:

Did you hear about the new Canadian Immigration rules today?

We Answered:

It's about time.

Jeffery Said:

According to Canadian immigration rules do a international student need LMO (labour market opinion) for job ?

We Answered:

An LMO is not required. If the individual is currently a full time student, he or she can apply for a work permit that will allow employment off-campus for up to 20 hours per week. The school needs to participate in this program in order to apply for the work permit.

A graduate can obtain a work permit which is valid for up to the same length of time as the course that was completed. For example, if the student completed a four year course in Canada, he or she can get a permit of up to three years.

Rick Said:

is there anyone out there who is immigration lawyer and has a big heart to answer my question for free?

We Answered:


You should contact the Immigration Advisory Service for free advice. Essentially if this wasn't your fault you will need to explain that clearly to the home or foreign office, but if you can't show that you may find it difficult to be successful since they may not believe you will leave the UK when any further grant of leave expires.

Look up the organisation above on the web. They provide a free service.

April Said:

Immigration Issue! Student Visa!?

We Answered:

According to the immigration law if someone overstayed their visa for no longer than a year then they have a 3 year ban from entering the US, if a person overstayed their visa for more than one year then they have a 10 year ban from entering the US.
If her son wants to go back to his country of origin,and apply for a F1(student visa) there's no way he's gonna be accepted because they have already been here illegaly for 3 years or sth.
I can guarantee that he won't get a student visa, he would have to wait 10 years.
With the immigration situation in our country i would personally advise them to wait and see what;s gonna happen.
The situation we have now is too overwhelming for the government they had never had to face 12 mln illegal immigration population before.
And there's no possibility to deport them all.
Another thing is with bad economy that we have illegal immigrants turn out to be easy money for improving our economy.
So have them wait.

Donna Said:

Overseas students study in Australia- Fail in one subject of the course, the student visa will be cancelled?

We Answered:

Dont know

Jacob Said:

Should colleges reduce help to top US students to help with the in-state tuition program for illegal aliens.?

We Answered:

in my personal opinion, f*ck no, they snuck in here illegally, they can sneak their asses back out

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