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International College Student

Nicholas Said:

how many times can i transfer college / can I transfer to a community college as an international student?

We Answered:

Since you need to get a new visa, from outside the US, each time you transfer, this is the problem you will face. Also, I think that the immigration officials might be suspicious if you want to transfer from a four year degree program to a community college - I am sure that you can find institutions at least as good as that in your own country.

Bryan Said:

Is community college good for international student?

We Answered:

hi ,

Try this site :

They offer the largest database of universities and colleges.

Really hope that helps

Enrique Said:

how to check the ranking of the institute or college as a international student?

We Answered:

You don't say what you mean by 'institute or college' but here are the university rankings:…

Tiffany Said:

International College Student wants to sell Avon?

We Answered:

The tax issue is not the must important issue.

If she is in the U.S. on an F-1 student visa, then it is illegal for her to work during the academic year for anyone other than the college. If she sells Avon during the academic year, she would be in violation and could be deported. Additionally, if she attempts to renew her visa and answers "no" to the question of whether she has worked in the U.S., she could be prosecuted for fraud.

If she is a U.S. permanent resident (with a green card) and is allowed to be employed in the U.S., then the above paragraph does not apply.

In either case, I believe that Avon reps are independent contractors, not employees. If I am correct, then any of them who earn at least $400 in a year are required to file a tax return for that year and pay self-employment tax, whether or not they earned enough to owe income tax.

Guy Said:

Should I apply to college as an international student or not?

We Answered:

International Students are often barred from schools' scholarship programs. Also, by applying as an International Student, you are often accepted only if you can demonstrate enough liquid funds (bank savings, etc) to pay for a full year of school.

It's rarely a good idea to apply as an International Student if you can apply as a domestic student.

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