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International College Students

Dennis Said:

international students leave of absence from college?

We Answered:

Go back we are to full here with wetters.

Carolyn Said:

I am interviewing International students for my college newspaper, and I need good questions?

We Answered:

what do you think about War?

Robert Said:

What are the requirements for international students to attend college in US?

We Answered:

You should check with the schools that interest you. Each school will have slightly different requirements for foreign students, and unless you're their first one from overseas they should also be knowledgeable about all the legal requirements for international students. They can also tell you whether or not you would actually count as an international student.

Brittany Said:

How should international students ( from 3rd world nation) develop friendship with american college students?

We Answered:

simpliest way would the following 3:
-ask for help when need to
- offfer help if you can
- just and spend some time with them

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best essay websites said:

There are no separate rules or regulations for international students or local students everyone is same in the class room and the university campus so the implementation of rule is also same for all students who are studding in that college. It is good to keep common rule for both local and international students.