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International Colleges And Universities

Sue Said:

Are There INTERNATIONAL Colleges/Universities in PHILIPPINES?

We Answered:

no they don't have international colleges/universities
but there are non-locals going to colleges here

Lillie Said:

What are the best Colleges/Universities to go to in Ohio for International Studies?

We Answered:

Ohio State U is the best public U in Ohio, and having the biggest and best name on your diploma is a good thing. Besides they also have a good diverse program…

If you do not want to go to a school as large as Ohio State, then Miami Ohio is a good school, though I have never really heard anyone bragging about their IS program. I am sure it is fine however.…

Of course if money isn't a problem, then you could go to Case Western Reserve. Again I have not really heard of their IS program but having their name on any degree is a good thing.…

Armando Said:

What colleges/ universities would you recommend a person who wants to major in International Business? ?

We Answered:

International business is attractive for it's dual nature of language, if you want to have a ranked list of IB schools look it up on World News and Report, College Board, or Princeton Review, however the more important topic is the cultural aspect of learning a different language and learning to understand all the intricacies of another culture.

Randy Said:

International Colleges/Universities with Forensic Psychology?

We Answered:

I would be very surprised if forensic psychology were taught in any of those countries. It is a field which would not be used in the courts of the first three countries named nearly as much as it is used in the USA. It is possible that it is used in India, which is also the only one of the named countries in which English is the usual language of university instruction. However, both the Indian legal system and the way psychology is regarded in India are different enough from that in the USA that training there would be useful for comparative purposes only. There are exceptions, but many Indian universities are overcrowded and have a lower level of instruction than would be found at most universities in the USA, except in a few subjects, of which psychology is not one.

In the USA serious work in forensic psychology is done in graduate school and it is doubtful if credits from classes in this subject in any of the named countries would be transferable to an American university for graduate credit.

If you are an undergraduate and want to study abroad, you can take whatever classes you like if you can arrange for transfer credit for them before you leave your American university. Except for the countries' languages and history, mathematics, and the "hard" sciences, credit would probably be very difficult to transfer except from world-ranked universities such as Sophia University in Japan. You might find some classes which are taught in English at Sophia, probably by visiting professors from English-speaking countries, but I have not researched that question.

Gabriel Said:

What are some cheaper colleges/universities that accept international students in the USA, and offer scholars?

We Answered:

You should tell your friend's son to look at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota. Winona State University is cheap: it costs about $10000 per year for international students. It also has a great nursing program.

Best of luck to your friend's son.

Stella Said:

What are the best colleges and universities for international business?

We Answered:

The University of South Carolina's Moore School of Business ranks first in international business for the 11th consecutive year.
My neighbor went there and she absolutely loved it.

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