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International Exchange Student

Oscar Said:

Would it be considered strange for a male international exchange student to attend Ewha Womens university?

We Answered:

IMO, it would not be strange. Ewha is a well-known school and many male international students go there. If you get looked down upon at all by anyone, it would probably be just because they're ignorant.

Annette Said:

Would you like more informaton on hosting and international exchange student?

We Answered:

Forte International made over $1million in revenues last year. The president M.B. Chen makes $120,000 per year and only works 30 hours per week. It costs from $7000 to $11,000 to care for a teenager for the entire school year. Important to check out all aspects before committing to caring for someone else's child for the entire school year. The kindness and generosity of host families increases revenues for exchange placement agencies.

Wade Said:

how to earn money in taiwan as an international exchange student?

We Answered:

Don't even think about it. If you are there under a student visa, it is illegal for you to work (that takes another kind of visa). So unless you want to risk being deported, just study.

Marvin Said:

How does someone, like myself, a 15 year old, sign up for International Exchange Student for the USA? ?

We Answered:

This depends on whether you are ok with paying or not and where you live. If you want this for free, then you will have to check with a school counselor or someone like that to see if there are any scholarships or similar that can work for you.

Otherwise you can do like I did, and contact a professional organization that you can pay money and they arrange everything for you. They will probably send out brochures to your school but if you haven't, you can try to find them online. The ones I went with are called "EF", and I think their address is

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