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International Exchange Students

Thelma Said:

Does anyone know how much you get paid for sponsoring an international foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

I cannot answer this for college students, but to host a high school student you don't get paid. It's totally volunteer.
You do get a $50/month tax deduction (hopefully soon to be raised to $250). As a host family, you are responsible for room and board and the students come with full insurance, pay all school and personal expenses.

Lynn Said:

Why is it not legal for exchange/international University students to work during their stay in the US?

We Answered:

If you go to university full time, and have a student visa, you are allowed to work on campus, up to 20 hours per week. You are not legally allowed to work off campus, although you are allowed to do an unpaid internship.

You can also get an off-campus job illegally. Not that I'm suggesting any such thing, but this is often possible in big cities or where there are a lot of illegals. Women, especially if you're not entirely horrible looking, can get "under the table" (paid in cash) jobs in restaurants and bars.

Why are the rules set up as they are? Each country has different rules re: who can and can't work legally. The US gets so many foreign students... who stay on illegally... that perhaps this has influenced their policies re: student visas and work status?

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