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International Medical Student

Brent Said:

Any good medical schools in Germany that accept international student?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Anita Said:

How can an international student get into a UK medical school?

We Answered:

Oxford accepts international students, most unis do. International students have to pay more than UK students so they like international students for a start just because of that. these are some recommended ones,… Scholarships, i myself living in england don't understand them.There aren't many available and i'm not sure where to start. Ehm you wouldn't get financial aid, its extremely hard for UK students to get aid as the uni is so cheap (compared to US) anyway, but europe well germany france etc is free. try oxfords website for help. .
and try here for international students at oxford,,… Hope this helped and good luck.

Billy Said:

are there chances for international medical/ dental student to enroll in USA/Europe/Australia ?

We Answered:

I do not know much about America or Europe, but i live in Australia and hope to study medicine.

To study medicine in Australia is HIGHLY competitive. I dont know what overseas students need, but just to give you an idea, for regular students application has three sections. You must take the UMAT (a test to judge your aptitude and skills in decision making), do an interview, and your final results must be good enough. The results needed vary per state, because the education system varies with each state. In Perth, you generally need a TER of about 98, meaning that only the top two percent of students can apply, and ONLY if they also score well in interview and UMAT. This shows how difficult it is to get into medicine. Your results from your country would (assumably) have to be similar in nature to enable you to study. You will have to take a test of english, and you will need Year 12 level Physics, Chemistry and high Maths. However, you can take 'bridging courses' before starting if you do not have these qualifications.
Fees in Australia are relatively low compared to some countries, as is the cost of living, and there are many foreign students. Most students in Australia pay for university through a government scheme called HECS, but since you are not an Australian citizen you will have to pay as you go, as you are not eligible for government help. However, many scholarships for students are available.

The best thing is to contact someone either from the deparment of education or a university. Good luck.

Brandy Said:

How can u apply for medical from, am international student from nigeria?

We Answered:

Armando Said:

Suggestion for a Pre-medical school in US for an International Student?

We Answered:

Every 4-year college and university in the US offers the premed classes. Some are very demanding, others admit almost everyone.

Terri Said:

Medical School for the international student?

We Answered:

Yes, I know its very hard to find medical schools for non- US citizen.
DO schools are a better option than MD school for intl students.

My friend just got in an school in Kansas, cant remember the name though.

University of New mexico is pretty open and so is vanderbilt university but very difficult to get in. You need to have a very good application to get in as Intl student. That includes, volunteering, community servise involvement, research expereince, GPA, MCAT score, interest and many more.
Good Luck

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