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International Medical Students

Ron Said:

I need advice on finding sponsors for international medical students?

We Answered:

We ususally dont get questions from UK here> You sure you are posting on the right country?

Come to America, and apply, they have enough money even for international students.

Evelyn Said:

Can international medical students who graduate in the USA work in the USA?

We Answered:

If you have a medical degree from an accredited American University, complete an internship, and a residency, and pass all the exams, there is nothing to prevent anyone from working in the United States as a doctor. A lot of people do. But the process of qualification is quite stringent. For instance, American students first do an undergraduate degree (4 years); then an M.D. (four years). The internship and residency may well be another 3--4 years. A specialist trains even longer after the M.D. and is certified by a Board.

Walter Said:

Are international students can learn medical studies in Australia?

We Answered:


Yes... quite a number of Australian Universities are offering medical studies to International students.

The best way to find out which universities, just visit the online database below.

Good luck.

Mary Said:

what is going on with the 5th Pathway Program for international medical students?

We Answered:

Okay.....there has been a lot of talk about the whole 5th pathway and what not. First AMA wanted to cancel it, then AMA put on its website that it was not going to change anything, which can be interpreted in many that its not going to change its cancellation.....while others take it as no change to the program.

Honestly, Im confused too!!! Word on campus is that its back on, others say its gone but that UAG will allow us to do the internship in the US under another name, just not 5th pathway. I dont get it either...if you get a reply from someone...let me know!!! I have tried calling San Antonio, asked here in Guad....nobody knows anything!

Heres a link to the valuemd forum.

Lillian Said:

Is it hard for international students to be admitted into medical schools?

We Answered:

Yes. There are a few elite Medical Schools who seek out exceptional international students, but most medical schools see themselves are being community oriented, and favor USA citizens /greencard holders, or even have a preference for in-state applicants.

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