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International Scholarships For African Students

Bob Said:

Should I apply to Georgetown under early action or wait?

We Answered:

Being a low income African American male will definitely increase your chances (a lot). I'm sure if you increase your SAT scores by 100 in each section, you will get into the college or SFS. I also want to go to SFS, and hope to see you there! You seem like a great person and am sure you would do well at Georgetown. Congrats on the National Geographic Scholarship. I almost applied for that! You should think about writing your essay about that. You honestly stand an excellent chance, and your SAT 2 scores are excellent. (these are waited more than most people think) Your SAT score is your only weakness.

For some less competitive options that are good in IR, look at George Washington and American.

Apply early if you can get your SAT scores up in the fall.

Darlene Said:

Do I have a chance at getting into Stanford?! HELPP!?

We Answered:

Your ECs are fabulous, and your academic stats (aside from the obvious SAT I) are great, especially coming from someone of your socio-economic status. You've definitely done the best you can do with every opportunity you've seized. If you raise that SAT score, or get a satisfactory ACT score, I have every confidence that you'll get it. One thing in particular that I've noticed from students admitted into Stanford this year is that their essays made them stand apart from the rest of the bright pool of candidates. Start early on your essays, and have everyone you can read them. I'd be glad to help you, if you'd like. Just PM or e-mail me any questions, essay ideas, etc. You seem like an incredible talent, and if you present your application in a way that appeals to the admissions committee, you'll soon be a valuable component of an excellent university.

Constance Said:

connections academy student preferably help me pleease?

We Answered:

I'll post the answers after I take it in a minute.

Jeremy Said:

Do I have a good chance for Georgetown or Tufts?

We Answered:

I think you have a great shot at both. As backups, consider applying also to top colleges that are SAT optional like Middlebury and Holy Cross.

Here are some additional New England schools you should look at. Princeton Review academic rating in parentheses:

Tufts - (91)
College of the Holy Cross - (98)
Middlebury -(98)
Boston College - (88)
Northeastern - (79)
Boston University - (84)

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replique montres said:

I think you have a great shot at both. As backups, consider applying also to top colleges that are SAT optional like Middlebury and Holy Cross.

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