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International Student Account

Yolanda Said:

What is the Best Student Bank Account for International Students?

We Answered:

Hi, I was European when I arrived to the UK for studies and I found out that I was considered international for banks. Only if a student is in the country for more that 3 years the banks consider him English. Bare in mind that you have to pay about 5 pound each month to the bank, as international. That's a standard fee. I would recommend you to go with HSBC if possible, but if you want to go with one of the banks in your campus chose RBS. To transfer money usually takes about a week, always depending on where the money comes from.

Philip Said:

Finding out overdraft limit for HSBC International Student Account?

We Answered:

ring HSBC and ask 08457 404404.
International Student Account is no longer sold but I'm fairly certain it never had an overdraft facility.

Ellen Said:

Can I take a 12 month mobile contract in UK if im an international student with uk hsbc account? Thanks?

We Answered:

T mobile do a SIM only contract called a SOLO
350 minutes 650 texts to use in the month on any network
Only drawback is you have to supply your own phone.
But you can pick a cheap one up for a few quid nowadays - a friend might even have one lying about!

Joe Said:

What is a good savings account that an international student can open in Canada?

We Answered:

Does Canada have an international bank located in your home country?

If so, that may be your best bet for when your return to your native land.

Absent that, I should contemplate a large bank that has stability and the ability to access ATM machines in your nation.

An additional advantage of a large international bank is that your parents can deposit funds into your account, which you can access within minutes (if the deposit is in cash).

If you do not need the ability to access funds for deposits or withdrawals, then any account that has an international interbank link should be fine.

Gail Said:

can I still open a student account with another bank while having a bad credit record?

We Answered:

No it is not, as you will be in ChexSystems, and cannot open a new account until the old NSF check is paid off....

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