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International Student Advisor

Dale Said:

As an international student does having your advisor release your SEVIS to a grad school affect your O.P.T?

We Answered:

Usually when they release your SEVIS record, it is effective at the conclusion of your OPT or your studies. Check with your adviser to see when your release date is effective. Most likely it is after your OPT is finished. Normally OPT is for one year after your earn your degree.

Best wishes!

Morris Said:

*(International student)* I need an Academic Advisor .. !!!! "Master's Degree"?

We Answered:

You can only be granted a VISA by your home country. You already have a Canadian VISA, and you can renew it to do your graduate study. If you want to study in the United States, you will have to be accepted to a school, then return to your home country to apply for a US student VISA. Schools in the US are not government regulated, so some of them will accept lower grades like yours. You may have to take a test to study in the US as well, depends on the school.

Discuss It! said:

It's good to know that some schools in USA can accept international students with lower grades. My friend wants to study in USA and me too. Thank you for your help, now we know from where to start.

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