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International Student Advisors

Alberto Said:

international student whose f1 status has been terminated?

We Answered:

well, the primary requirement for student status is studying full time. so, either you get the school to put you back into that class and inform DHS to restore your student status or leave. you could return next semester, with permission from your school and a new I-20. but you can't do this on your own, you have to do it through your school. if you don't get restored, you're subject to deportation, and that really will put a dent in your future study plans, among other things..

Shirley Said:

is the international students advisors is connected to bir if they pay their tax to bir?

We Answered:

I don't understand your question

Troy Said:

Can an international student with F1 visa do OPT and go to college at the same time?

We Answered:

No. If you want to study, you need the student visa. The OPT is for when your studies are completed.

Lucy Said:

I want to work as a student in UK. would a student from International Student Advisors could give some comment?

We Answered:

uk regulation is: you can work 20 hrs per week term time and full time in vacations. now first thing is that if you will get a job (which might not be easy) could take a month or two before you could get even part time work.

salary will depend on what work you do , if you work in bar / hotel you can expect around £6 per hour , other jobs which students do include cleaner, checkout clerk , care worker etc.

sometimes agents will tell you that you can work long hours but if you do that than firstly you are breaking the law , secondly you are open to be exploited by the employers who might not pay you half the salary that was due to you end up working full time but being paid what you should have been paid for the part time work , plus your studies suffer and you break the law. so be carefull, if you are going to uk to work than student visa is not such a good choice , stay where you are and dont waste money on agents and dodgy colleges.

Alfred Said:

Can i take a break from school if I'm full time international student and got pregnant?

We Answered:

This may be a long shot, but did you take a full load (12 credit hours) during both the spring and summer semesters?

If that is the case, then you may take your annual vacation during the fall semester and still be in status, since you would have completed the equivilent of an acedemic year prior to taking vacation.

This ruling is per 8 CFR 214 (5)(ii).

If you or the new born has any kind of medical condition, then you could try and get medical documentation from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy or licensed clincial psychologist to substain the illness or medial condition and that you need time off. So you could make an appointment and see what they say.

This ruling is per 8 CRF 214 (H)(iii)(B)

The final option is to just not enrol for the fall semester and be deemed as out-of-status and then file for Reinstatement of status by filing Form I-539 - this is risky because there is no guarentee that your reinstatement will be granted by the USCIS.

If none of those options appeal to you then unfortunately you will just have to attend school in the fall.

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