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International Student Airfare

Herman Said:

Where Can I Find Cheap International Student Plane Tickets?

We Answered:

Sydney Cheap Flight Comparison:…
Compare all top travel sites (like expedia, travelocity, vayama, orbitz, cheapoair, kayak and more) together for the cheapest flight deals with one simple search.
Or you may wanna try which is a student travel agency.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Clayton Said:

What is the besy way to get student airfare? ?

We Answered:
Some require ISIC to access these "student" fares; some require .edu email address; some just require you attest to your age. Be aware that a "student" airfare is not always best. Shop around with something like or

Marvin Said:

Are there any good international volunteer programs for an undergrad that cost less than 2K?

We Answered:

Check out this site...and call them if you like what we are doing or email them... they will advise you... if they ask who introduce tell them you met someone from SEAPC Laos over the internet.

Marcus Said:

How is studying travel and tourism in Mumbai at International Ticketing & air desk provider of Gateway2uk edu.

We Answered:

Its called as IAFD and gauri dixit is best as a tutor and they give good and qaulity tuitions out there for travel related feild.

Tim Said:

Do you think you need to visit the university before you start there? (for international student)?

We Answered:

Unless your family is way better off than average, a trip to Rome just to check out campus is a bit of a luxury. I would advise just going, knowing that if it didn't fit you, you would go somewhere else after a semester or two.

I studied at a foreign university without doing a campus visit first. It wasn't a good fit for me, so I switched, but I'm glad I did the one semester. I think I could handle just about any school for a semester.

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rushmyessay said:

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