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International Student Bank Account Uk

Sylvia Said:

UK Student Bank Account in the US?

We Answered:

I would wait the UK bank out..... the problem would be fixed in a matter of hours, not days or weeks...

Stand pat...

Jeff Said:

Bank account in UK?

We Answered:

Here I am Gindy!

Well, I would suggest opening a Lloyds TSB student account. You will get all sorts of benefits by being a student And as for transfers Lloyds do a 'silver account' where it only costs £3 per month to transfer money. Hope this helps and good luck!

whereabouts will you be studying?

Jesse Said:

What is the cheapest UK bank to set up a student account with?

We Answered:

Halifax and Bank of Scotland.
Biggest limits, but no certainty you will get them.

The biggest advertised 0% overdraft is from Halifax and Bank of Scotland. It shouts loudly about a whopping maximum interest-free overdraft of up to £3,000 every year, so the average limit over a three-year course is also £3,000.

The big problem is this is an upper limit, and previous years have shown it's unlikely you'll get the full amount immediately, if at all. Feedback from MoneySavers suggests just £500 to start is likely, then around £1,750 by the end of year one (see poll results for 2008/09).

To get the full £3,000 you must request it, and even then it's not guaranteed; it depends on a credit score. Annoyingly, you can't find out in advance if you'll get the whole lot, though the same's true with other banks. However, it is the biggest 0% overdraft around, and handily remains interest-free for a year after graduation.

0% Overdraft of up to £2,000, no previous bad feedback.
The next biggest overdraft is with Barclays Student Additions; limits of up to £2,000 from the first year onwards, though again it's not guaranteed. It's based on basic credit check, but crucially students need to request the limit they want, so if you don't ask, you won't get.

Barclays hasn't been an MSE top pick in recent years, so we're low on feedback as to what overdraft limits it gives in practice. If you get one of these, please let us know the size of overdraft you get: Barclays Feedback.

Usefully, this gives a cheap 8.9% APR extra borrowing facility of up to £1,000 on top of the interest-free limit. Again you must request it, but this is nearly as cheap as the top personal loans, so IF you need it (do a budget first), it's a great option. Never go further overdrawn though; unauthorised borrowing costs £22 for every five days.

Royal Bank of Scotland.
Big overdraft and £65 railcard if you're from OR studying in Scotland.

If you're Scottish or studying at a Scottish university, the Royal Bank of Scotland offers a 0% overdraft of up to £2,750 which is only slightly smaller than Halifax's, but also gives a three-year 16-25 Railcard worth £65; this cuts many UK rail fares by a third, (see the Cheap Train Tickets article). Plus, apply online and you'll also get a free 4GB USB stick.

Again, the overdraft limits are on an 'up to' basis, and it's likely you'll have to actively ask for an increase, As standard, you should get £1,250 by the end of your first year if you don't ask for more. Also, quite rarely for a student account, it pays OK in-credit interest of 1.02% AER.

But my daughter favorite which charges no interest and is open 24/7 is the bank of dad :)

Connie Said:

what is the difference between Natwest Bank and HSBC Bank in the UK?

We Answered:

go to them and ask for leaflets

Elizabeth Said:

What is the best Bank Account for Students in Scotland, uk?

We Answered:

Barclays Young Persons Account

HSBC Right Track Into Study Student Account

Royal Bank of Scotland Student Royalties Account

Natwest Student Account

or you can check out more info on:…

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