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International Student Bank Account

Hugh Said:

overdrafted bank of america account by 900$ international student.?

We Answered:

Like CatDog said, it is definitely a crime and it is prosecutable. Depending on if the bank decides to prosecute, you will not have a problem unless they do. You may not even know and could end up being arrested if you have a warrant for your arrest out there. You can make arrangements to pay back the bank. If they bounced the checks, you wouldn't have an overdraft except for the charges the bank put on your account. Those charges are not prosecutable.

Chester Said:

Moving to Sweden as a student, need bank account?

We Answered:

If I'm not mistaken I think the difficulty lies in this, at least for refugees without papers:

To open a bank account as a foreigner you need a Swedish identity card, but the company who used to issue identity cards to foreigners doesn't do it anymore. Only the banks does it now.

The problem is that you need an account in the bank to get an identity card.
(A weird Kafka-like situation, the legislation hasn't kept up with this situation yet).

However, I'm pretty sure there are some ways around it, especially if you are American. Maybe they accept American identity cards?

You could try to send an email to the Swedish bank Nordea and ask for more information on how to get an account as a foreigner.
Try this link:…

Select "Utlandsfrågor" (= Foreign topics) or "Övrigt" (= Other).
"Namn" = Name.
"E-post" = E-mail.
"Rubrik" = Headline.
"Meddelande" = Message.

Or try to call +46 8 614 70 00 (Head Office of Nordea).

Janice Said:

Can an international under 18 years old open a bank account in US?

We Answered:

You need your parents / tutors permition. They can write it and have their signature recognized and then in the USA you can open a bank account.

Patrick Said:

Can international visitors/students open up a bank account?

We Answered:

I normally use my American ATM card in France. The only reason you would need to open an account in France is if you have checks to cash. Here's a site that tells you more:

Looking for help setting up a French bank account? Then please see French Banking Made Easy with Paul Varley and Banque Chaix.

A French bank account is one of the starting blocks to getting your life in France off the ground. It's one of the basic things you need to do things like rent an apartment, write checks and so on.

It's possible for non-residents, for example an American using a US address, to open a bank account in France. It's even possible for it to be done from outside France, if you have someone represent you in France and that persons name is also on the account, not all banks will do this, some will refuse.

It's much easier to open a bank account in France if you are EU national, but not impossible if your not. You need to shop around and call each bank individually and see what they say.

When opening a bank account, the bank will want to know the purpose of the account. A letter stating the reason for the opening of the bank account can be demanded. You will also need to supply some type of ID and of course money. That's the short list. Like a lot of things in France the paperwork needed to open a French bank account will very from bank to bank and branch to branch. So to get a longer list you really need to contact banks individually and see what they say.

The types of French banks accounts very greatly. The basic is a checking account that of course lets you write checks. You will also receive with most accounts in France a debt card, called a carte bleue or CB for short. A CB is not a credit card, when you us it the money comes directly out of your account. Along with your CB you will receive a four-digit code. Every time you use your CB you will need to type in your code.

Inside the checkbook are Relevé d'Identité Bancaire's or RIB's. These are use for either direct deposit to your account or automatic withdraws from your account, for example to pay monthly bills.

If you write a check in France and it bounces your account can be closed and you could lose the right to write checks for a period of time. So be very careful when writing a check in France and make sure you have enough money in the bank or overdraft protection.

Also, it should be noted that once a French check is signed it's as good as cash and it is not possible to put a stop payment on it.

Brian Said:

Am I eligible to open a British student bank account?

We Answered:

i don't see why you can't, just go to the bank and ask. I dunno wot's the difference between a student account and a regular account though. I'm an international student too and i have a regular bank account, been having it since like the first day I arrived here over 4 years ago.

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