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International Student Card Uk

Thomas Said:

Which bank in UK has more advantage for international students without me paying any monthly fee?

We Answered:

Try the Nationwide.

Nicholas Said:

Is it worth getting an NUS student card??? if so how much can u save?

We Answered:

Blah, I didn't even bother. I mean, it's not a HUGE saving. However, it could come in handy if you're an excessive shopper or go to the cinema a lot. The cheek that they make you pay for them though!

Lawrence Said:

How can an international student get a green card of uk? i am studing in uk from last five years?

We Answered:

What green card? :S never heard of anything like that in UK... you mean work permit?

If you are here on student visa then you should be able to work part time, otherwise I guess it depends on where you are from... you did not actually provide sufficient info to answer this question.

The Citizens advice bureau.... find your nearest here

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