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International Student Cards

Harold Said:

International students eligible for London underground student rates?

We Answered:

From the Tfl website:

"Students attending universities, colleges and schools who are registered on TfL's Student Oyster photocard scheme can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard."

I suspect that you have to be studying at a college in the UK.

Rene Said:

What student/regular credit cards can international students with a social security number be approved for?

We Answered:

Just be careful and choose which ones to apply for as each application will "hit" your credit score and lower it. See if you can find what you're looking for in a card before you actually apply for it.

Arnold Said:

Should my daughter get the international student card?

We Answered:

If she is enrolled in full time studies and are at least 12 years old, she is eligible for the International Student Identity Card

Janet Said:

International Student/Youth cards???

We Answered:

We have various here in Europe and they work. One type is ISIC and here's the list of benefits:
Internationally recognised proof of student status
· 1,200 discounts on flights, buses, trains and ferries
· 2,800 discounts on entrance to the world's leading museums and cultural sites
· 2,700 discounts on entertainment and attractions
· 2,400 discounts on youth hostels and hotels
· 21,000 discounts worldwide on bars, restaurants and shopping!
· Access to a free 24-hour, multilingual ISIC Emergency Help Line
· ISIConnect an all-in-one discount communications package including phone, SMS, email and voicemail
· Access to a global network of 5000 travel organisations that specialise in the needs of student and youth travellers in 106 countries
· Access to a personalised trip planner and travel guide - save all the useful travel advice and destination information you find on this website on your personal web page to check out while you're travelling or to email to a friend

For other young people who are not students, there's the IYTC card, and for teachers the ITIC.…

Marshall Said:

Where can I use my International Student Identity card in Glasgow to buy food and stuff of daily need?

We Answered:

if you are from india why not ask your local place of worship. or ask your local indian food supplier.they may just make a deal for you.

Eddie Said:

How to buy a Eurail Pass for Youth without an international student card?

We Answered:

You don't need to be a student to buy a youth pass, only 25 years or younger. It's the standard for youth travel in many countries, and I've never had to show anything other than my passport.…

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