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International Student Center

Justin Said:

Is there a school or training center for stock brokers that accepts international students in the US??

We Answered:

I think I should mention that there is no special training center or school for stock brokers. Stock brokers come from different backgrounds (the most popular being business economics and finance). That is, stock brokers usually have studied finance and economics and are expected to apply that knowledge to the analysis of investments. If you aspire to become a stock broker, then your best bet is to study business (or an MBA) at the graduate level - although it is difficult if not impossible to get financial aid as an MBA student. You can also study economics at the graduate level and it might be easier for you to get some form of financial aid if you have the required mathematical background. The bottomline, however, is that stock brokers are basically investment analysts who don't have any special training as a stock broker (may be just internships), but who have to pass a special exam. Feel free to Email me if you want more information on this. Good Luck!

Terry Said:

I work at a campus health center. Recently, 300 international students came in to get their TB tests...?

We Answered:

Just because the test was positive does not mean they have TB. It merely means they reacted to the tuberculin solution. They need a chest X-ray now to rule out TB. By all means ask your supervisor what happens next to the ones that tested positive and ask what you health risk is if they do have TB.

Julian Said:

international student exchange center. fake or real?

We Answered:

If you value your own reputation you should stay away from this business. It is about luring money out of innocent young teenagers, which should never have been allowed to leave their own country in the first place. Independent organizations like "Exchange Student Info" in Copenhagen have found so many cases of fraught in this industry that even the most serious of them in reality endanger the teenagers even if they don't settle with running off with the money without arranging the trips.

Don't be a part of it, please!

Kristina Said:

I am a international student applying to NYU&UC Berkeley,i live in South Africa but i was born in the USA?

We Answered:

Your SAT scores are currently too low for either school.

Keep in mind that you may be a USA citizen, but you are not eligible for in-state (low cost) tuition, and many scholarships and loans are not available to you. Education in the USA could be outrageously expensive.

Erin Said:

International Student Application Help!?

We Answered:

Unlikely you will be able to attend within a month of graduating and nor is it advisable to do so since you are going to need more than a month to move to Australia, settle down, find a place, furniture, insurance and even a cell phone and then you have to enroll for classes, take tests - a month is far too short a time.

NB: I also would not expect them to respond to you within 30 days either, enrollment decisions can take months and then you will need to obtain a visa and that can take longer.

You are looking the end of 2009 or early 2010 to start.

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