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International Student Conference

Nora Said:

My chances of getting in to Harvard as an international student?

We Answered:

I am usually a nay sayer on the Harvard/ Yale/ MIT dream.

But today I have changed my mind. You look like you have a decent chance of getting in. As fair a chance as anyone. Go for it. The most you will lose is the application fee. Honestly, you sound like the high achiever they are looking for.

I would not get too confident about the scholarships etcetra. Scholarships are not guaranteed. If you do get a scholarship it might only be partial and not enough to cover your needs. Unlike an American student, you will not have access to student loans. But I have a feeling you will be okay. Are your parents dirt poor? I am not trying to be rude. I am just saying that if possible it would great for them to back you in case scholarship never comes through.

Option B -- what is wrong with studying in Ireland or the UK? There are many great universities there. And you would get a very good quality education in the UK/ Ireland without the worry of finances. There are many kids around the world who would love the opportunity to study in Europe. Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have. The grass is always greener on the other side.

I bet when it comes down to it... you are not going to affect the environment any more or any less whether you study at Harvard or in Dublin. Its the truth. I don't believe that Harvard is the only way for you to become an effective enviromentalist. Its about prestige. I bet if we looked at the top 10 environmental activists in the world today, none of them went to Harvard.

Are you wanting Harvard for the pride and prestige or because you will learn something there that no other college on earth can possibly teach you? Be honest with yourself and do some self examination. Do not always believe the hype but be an independent thinker too.

Good luck.

Marshall Said:

What kind of visa to USA does an international PhD student need to visit a 5-day-conference?

We Answered:

Apply for a B1/B2 visa and provide documentation of the conference and your role in it.

Shirley Said:

How can i make my international application more attractive to get it accepted by Universities from abroad?

We Answered:

Marks is just a part of the application (basically just a qualifier), it's the whole image you create about yourself through your statement of purpose, extra curricular activities, and most of all basic things such as grammar, how clearly you express your thoughts, etc. Using 'mah' and other slangs will only give a negative image. Trust me, Internet has made knowing people much more easier and lot of companies and institutions search networking sites and the general Internet to understand you better.

Take part in social activities, demonstrate your leadership skills, show that you are proactive rather than reactive, read a lot, use real life examples while explaining anything, interact with students and staff from the university. There are many things you could do to stand apart, but don't do things that will make you stand apart in the negative sense. Best of luck with your applications.

Lauren Said:

Which site gives a list of upcoming international student conferences?

We Answered:

Don't know if its quite what you are looking for:……

Donna Said:

International Student Looking at ivy league, chances?

We Answered:

Most top schools (including Ivy's) get nothing but the best students' applications. Because of this, they often admit different types of people in order to have a unique mix of students.

I would recommend finding someone to help you present a great application package that shows who you are, what you want to do with your life, where you came from, etc. They'll look at your grade of course, but they pretty much assume everyone has good grades. You have to make yourself stand out by personalizing the application.

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