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International Student Discount Card

Beatrice Said:

does having a green card make u an instate student thereby recieve a discount on college?

We Answered:

if you have lived in the state where the school is that you have wanted to attend for the amount of time designated by the school. Most schools require you lived in the state for 1 year but you cannot live there for school. So you have to work in the state for 365 days without being enrolled in any university. Also if you get married, or can prove you moved to another state for a job

Jennifer Said:

Better Student Discounts: ISE Card or Student Advantage Card?

We Answered:

I've had success with Student Advantage, but it really depends on the specific merchants/regions you're interested in. In my area there are many restaurants and stores that accept SA though some of the discounts are minimal ($1, 5%, etc).

I signed up for SA primarily for the Amtrak discount. The link below allowed me to get the card for just $10/yr (after the rebate offer), and I'll save well more than that on every Amtrak trip.

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