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International Student Edition Textbooks

Priscilla Said:

Anyone made money by selling international edition textbooks outside classrooms?

We Answered:

I bought a bulk of textbooks and they sold quick since I was offering a much lower rate than the bookstore. I don't know about physically selling them on campus, every campus probably has different policies. I let people know the first day classes began that I had the textbooks and was also able to send an e-mail to my entire class a few days before classes began.

Martin Said:

I just got an international student edition?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about your chemistry book, but I accidentally purchased an International Student Edition of a Behavioral Research Methods textbook, and I never had any problems in the class. As far as I could tell, the information was identical, although the little note that says "This international student edition is not to be sold or purchased in NA and contains content that is different from the North American version," was a little daunting at first...

Irma Said:

Are International Edition textbooks ever that different from U.S.?

We Answered:

It means the book publishers can charge more to US students than they can in other countries. For the most part the books are identical. You may have slightly different page numbers as a Hard cover may be a soft cover in the IE edition. I have used many and not had one problem.

Terrence Said:

Is the international students edition of the textbook Organic Chemistry by McMurry the same as the US version?

We Answered:

I can't tell you about that specific text, but I've ordered international editions from India for a lot of Economics grad classes, and it was the same. They mostly just do it for "price discrimination" reasons. People in India won't pay as much for a textbook as most Americans will so they charge us more.

Buy the int'l version, is my advice.

Stephanie Said:

Where can I sell my international edition textbook? Can I sell it on amazon? Any suggestions of where to sell ?

We Answered:

I recently bought an international edition of a textbook on, so I know people sell them there. They're usually much cheaper than the US editions.

Tonya Said:

-college students. Is this international edition textbook legit to buy?

We Answered:

Ask your math teacher if it is acceptable./

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