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International Student English Course

Rosemary Said:

Universities in Spain for international students? That teach in english? Undergraduate psychology course?

We Answered:

You'll find most English speaking unis in UK and RoI.

Walter Said:

Which university offers a english Bachelor of Medicine course in the Netherlands?

We Answered:

Medicine is a so-called 'lotery' study. It means that there is a fixed number of places. Based on your grades (high school diploma) you get a weighing in 'the lottery' (e.g. if you have 80/100 avarage your chances to get in are much higher than on a 60/100 avarage). I don't think you will find the course in English, as there are already too many Dutch students that want to get in. Try Belgium (e.g. Antwerp) instead.

Alex Said:

Cheapest countries for Canadian international student which have courses in English?

We Answered:

China is best alternative

Alfredo Said:

After living in Japan teaching English, am I classed as an International Student or home student?

We Answered:

Because of your age, you will be assessed alone so the status of your parents is not relevant.

The rule on international vs home fees is here… and your case will hinge on whether they will consider you to have been ordinarily resident in the UK but temporarily absent. Scroll down to the box that has this information.

I am guessing that you could take some steps now to make sure you are considered ordinarily resident when the time comes, a valid UK 'permanent' address for the three years you were away should work. Best of luck to you!

Troy Said:

What foreign language (other than English) should an international student learn?

We Answered:

I think Spanish would be more useful. A lot of the native speakers can't speak English, most French speakers do. Spanish is easier to learn for a native English speaker, but I don't know about a Vietnamese speaker.

Reginald Said:

What course an international student who just took his baccalaureat can do in physics or English in London?

We Answered:

Physics in London is best......

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