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Brent Said:

Help my yahoo email account has been hacked to send me spam?

We Answered:

It's not really coming from your account. It's just pretending to.

In the software that the spammers use to send the mass emails out, they set the 'From' field code to say [email]. This then inserts the destination email address in the From field of each email, making it look to each person as if it has come from their own account.

They use the same method to make mail look like it has come from Ebay, PayPal or some bank. They can set it to say whatever they like. It hides the real email address it is coming from.

I wouldn't go too cross at your college and Uni. It is unlikely that they would have given out your email address.

Lonnie Said:

What do U think 14-year-old honor student mudered by illegal proud MS 13 gang member where is La Raza at ?

We Answered:

Well now you know! It's not his fault! It is the fault of International policies! Seems we just don't understand these illegal aliens. I always thought that if somebody held the door open for me and I fired multiple rounds into a group of teenagers killing one that I would be at fault. It seems that if your an illegal alien it's "International policies" that are at fault! The shooter and the guy holding the door are just here to pick fruits and get a better life! We should be giving them citizenship instead of charging them with murder! We just don't seem to understand! I'm sorry but it still doesn't make sense to me and I still believe that these two pillars of the illegal community should be shot in the head and save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and imprisonment!

Carlos Said:

Would you please read it and tell me what you think... any ideas? advice.. I really need this Thanks?

We Answered:

Dear Ana I hope everything get resolved for you; and don't worry so much you are only 18 and if you really want all those things, the only thing you can do fight for what you want. goals,and make a plan to your future; Good look.

Ricky Said:

Your Wife Can Change Your Life..........?

We Answered:

What happened is history, life is a mystery and full of challenge face it. If you are not satisfied with what happened you must analyse and learn from your mistakes and become a wise man.
Life is a great teacher we are all students.
You have two option either to laugh or cry. I prefer you laugh and learn and move ahead.
Life is short to regret.

Erin Said:

Help with resume and cover letter please?

We Answered:

Your resume:

You've got a LOT of actual real-world experience, but the resume format you are using is essentially for a person who has none or very limited experience. Whether you are applying for an entry level job or not really isn't going to matter if you don't meet the basic format expectations for the job you are applying for. Remove your "OBJECTIVE" heading, which is used only for a resume with no experience, and begin with your "WORK EXPERIENCE" or "VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE" instead. Keep in mind that, from the perspective of an employer, a volunteer job is still a job, so highlighting it as volunteer might not be to your advantage. I suppose that would depend on what type of job you are applying for.

Also, your employment experience should always come before your educational background. You are applying for a job, and the employer wants to know what you've done lately for work. Your education is important, but not as important as real world experience.

Also, check your spelling. It's "acquiring", not "aquiring". Nothing will turn employer's away from you quicker than a resume or cover letter you haven't taken the time to spell check, punctuation check, and grammar check thoroughly.

Also, you've listed three separate computer skills on one line. These should be separate bullet points, though you can probably format that on the same line with a good word processor.

Now, to your cover letter:

You show no excitement about the job until your third paragraph. By the time an employer gets there, if they get there, they think you've applied to them as a last resort. Show them how REALLY excited you are to apply for the job. Make all of your words and ideas strong.

The idea of a cover letter is not just to summarize a resume, but to clarify it and add details you wouldn't normally include in something as formal as a resume. Provide an example or two of some real world problems you solved and how you solved them. You've written some really good things in your cover letter, but it reads a bit like a collection of post-it notes put together in random order without any real flow or excitement to your cover letter.

Now for the good news: All of these problems are fixable. I happen to be in the business of writing letters for people and revising resumes to fit an expected format. If you need some help with this, I'll be happy to assist you. Contact me through Yahoo Answers and I'll be happy to provide you my contact information and some examples of some of what I have done.

Jeremy Said:

Epstudent organisation is fraud?

We Answered:

Hi this job is a scam is basically money laundering , I have been working for this company for 2 and a half weeks and have not been paid they deposited 3000 into my account and gave me 24 hours to send it to the Ukraine via western union transfer , I have not heard from them since this transaction and they won't answer the phone or emails this is definitely a no no company do not trust them and further more do not waste your time and energy like I did .

I hope this helps out with you decision .

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