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International Student Exchange Program

Minnie Said:

National Student Exchange program?

We Answered:

at my college they require that you are above the sophomore level.

Amber Said:

Anyone have any experince with Exchange Student programs?

We Answered:

A true exchange with an organization like YFU or AFS is definitely worth it. A "tourist trip" like with People to People really isn't.

It will benefit you in many ways -- maturity, language skill, etc Also, many colleges and universities offer preferred admissions and even scholarships to former exchange students.

If you are going to someplace like Ghana, you can also learn a lot about a culture many don't understand, which would make you more valuable in the workplace.

Richard Said:

How much would an international exchange program cost? "People to people" student ambassadors... ?

We Answered:

Which particular trip did you get invited for? The prices all range from which countries you would be going to and the length of the trip. The lowest cost is $4,999 and the highest is $8,999. Keep in mind that it's so pricey because it includes air fare, hotel expenses, and costs for all activities and excursions.

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