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International Student Exchange

Joel Said:

Does anyone know an international student exchange program for middle schoolers?

We Answered:

There is one program that does this for Junior high but not for whole year. It is over the summer for a month or so goes throughout Europe, kind of gets you ready for if you want to do it in high school. I can not remiber the name sorry but there is one there my son just received an invitation in the mail few weeks ago. Try this address maybe they can help you.

Good luck in finding more

Rachel Said:

Becoming an International exchange student to japan?

We Answered:

check out this website

Pamela Said:

MILITARY, Can a member of the National Guard participate in the international student exchange program?

We Answered:

The bottom answer depends on where you're going, so you need to talk with your chain of command first. If they're okay with it, then there is a way to avoid coming back for all those weekend drills.

You can do your AT and your drills ahead of time, and then take administrative leave if necessary (up to 6 months) to do your semester abroad. Make sure the military knows where to find you, and that your administative things are up to date (shots, PT, etc.).

Good luck@

Ben Said:

What kind of tag line could I use for an international exchange student poster that has cereal bowls on it?

We Answered:

An International exchange student at the table makes the meals much more interesting.

Johnnie Said:

Listing my international student exchange experience hurting my resume?

We Answered:

Heck no! Travel makes a person well-rounded and exposed to a variety of experienced that are very valuable in the work world. In fact, find a way to work your travel and student exchange experience into your interview.

Audrey Said:

how does the International Student Exchange Program work?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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