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International Student Financial Aid Application

Willard Said:

Does filling out financial aid affect the a school's decision to accept a student?

We Answered:

The college admissions process has become so "dirty" in the past few years. Colleges pride themselves on reputation and being diverse, that they don't always give everyone a fighting chance. There are some schools that I think will turn you down if you don't have a lot of money. It's kind of disgusting, I know. If you don't get accepted, it just wasn't meant to be.

Good luck!

Dwayne Said:

How can I get more financial aid in my situation?

We Answered:

The FAFSA is the financial aid application and it goes off of your taxes from the previous year. So you can;t lie, you have to verify the information, which they will do since the taxes are different in other countries. So if you lie you will be caught, and that is fraud. If you don't get caught until after you are there for a year or so, you are going to have to pay all of that back, plus some sort of fine. You have to do the FAFSA every year as well. If you can;t afford it then don't come. If you don't want to take out loans and you can't get aid then go to a school that you can afford. There are great schools where tuition, room, and board are 25000 or less. I am sorry that American tuition is so high, it sucks for us too. You can go to school in England for a lot less, they have the same opportunities as we do, and their schooling is more intense, they have a lot better programs. Just because taking out loans is uncommon where you live doesn't mean that you can;t do it here. You want to come into our country and fraud us out of money... you don't deserve to come here if you just want to steal money from us that you didn't earn to go to a school that you like. Grants are in place to help out students, don't take advantage of our system.

Ray Said:

How can an International applicant stand out to Yale?

We Answered:

You honestly sound like me a few years ago. I'm Australian and I wanted to go to Yale.
International students get financial aid too, but you need to be qualified (how much your family can provide etc). Its a bit of a difficult process you go through actually.
As for getting in, there are huge factors that you should take into consideration, SAT scores, GPA, class rank, where you attended school, what you did with your time for the community (volunteering), how you were an active member of your school, and what you did with your talents. Your talents/hobbies/personality/background can be expressed thoughtfully from your essay.
Also, sign up for the most challenging classes and get close to a few of your teachers because their recommendations really matter.
Don't just join all the clubs, jobs and volunteering you see, but look for the one that is relevant to your dream, interest and talent.
I also recommend joining college board if you haven't already:
You can get SAT question of the day, apply for SATs and get a brief preparation calendar to get into college.
During the summer is also an important time, you should take summer classes in your interest area, do volunteering/work related to what you want to major in and prepare for your classes the next year.
Remember, it's a hard road, but all worth it in the end!
Best of luck!

Vivian Said:

Help with the Common Application for Princeton Financial Aid?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Kathy Said:

Sending College Application to Parsons School of Design or other art schools in NY as an international student?

We Answered:

The best art schools in NYC are Parsons, the School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, and the Cooper Union. In addition, there are very well respected art programs available via Columbia U, Hunter College, New York University, and if you don't mind going outside the city, also at Rutgers New Brunswick and SUNY Purchase. I also like the program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

You may want to apply to a mix of pure art schools, like SVA, and art programs within broader unis, like Hunter. It's possible that the uni may be able to offer you better financial aid than the art school, but you won't know until you apply and get in.

Not all US colleges offer financial support to foreign students. You'll need to check their websites and email them directly to find out what, if anything, is available to you; and how to apply for the aid.

The cost of tuition, fees, room and board vary from school to school. You have to check what their costs are like on their website.

Costs for college in the US tend to be far, far higher than the costs for a foreign student, should they attend a school in their own country. Keep that in mind when you look at costs. You may find it's a good idea to apply both to a program in your home country, as well as to several programs in the US. See where you get in, see what the costs end up looking like, and then decide.

If you find that you must study in your home country, then consider doing a course that allows you to do a year abroad, and then do that year in the US. Or else do a summer program in the US - Parsons, for example, offers several.

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