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International Student Flights

Phyllis Said:

Student international flight fares?

We Answered:

I have looked on and there is Yeah all of those sucked too. I dont know why. I think us college students should be able to get at leats 30% off for flights that are international. Good grief we already have tons of money that we have to pay just to go to school. Its hard to find cheap international tickets. Im going to the Amalfi Coast in January and flights for RT are almost $700! Why cant it at least be $500? Its not fair.

Howard Said:

international flight students training in the U.S with a visa, the training has to be undepart 61, or 141?

We Answered:

It can be either Part 61 or Part 141, as long as the school (or individual flight instructor in the case of "freelancers") has registered with the TSA and complies with all the regulations and record keeping requirements for training foreign students.

Ramona Said:

Do you need a passport for domestic flights when you are an international student or will a state ID do?

We Answered:

No passport needed for domestic flights . Internantional student does not matter

Willie Said:

good websites for budget international student flights?uk or ireland pref?

We Answered:

USIT is the Irish student and youth travel service, with 22 travel offices located all over Ireland. The Work in Ireland program is based in Dublin. USIT co-sponsors the Work in Ireland Program and the reciprocal Work and Travel USA and Work in Canada programs for Irish students. We also organise various study programs, including the Irish Studies Summer School at Trinity College and the Ireland in Europe Summer School. USIT also runs budget accommodation centres in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Brenda Said:

Does anyone know of an airline that offers student discounts for international flights?

We Answered:

It's not an airline; they don't offer student discounts. However, there are travel agencies that can arrange for lower fares as they book in bulk blocks of tickets, such as

Marsha Said:

Passport needed for international students in domestic flights?

We Answered:

Legally, as a foreigner, you are supposed to carry your authorization to be in the US on you at all times. Since the student visa is in your passport, you are supposed to carry it. However, no one checks this so DL is OK.

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