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International Student Funding

Deborah Said:

International Student Loan or funding?

We Answered:

Talk to a financial aid advisor. There should be some kind of loan he can get on his own or even a scholarship. There may even be a group in your area who awards small funds to those who greatly need it towards tuition. We have one who gives small 'grants' for books.
Good luck.

Patricia Said:

Which university is generous enough to fund international student to study in US?

We Answered:

What you are looking for is a university with a large enough endowment (read: a lot of money) to fund international students as well as domestic students. Here, you are thinking of all the Ivy Leagues except for Cornell and Brown (which aren't notorious for giving students large packages of financial need).

Universities with great Engineering programs like Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania (both Ivy Leagues) will offer need-based financial aid to International Students that have great qualifications and need additional University funding to complete their studies.

Other universities you can consider are Lehigh University (good engineering program), Notre Dame, and Duke University. These are not Ivy Leagues but they are considered the "new" Ivy leagues because of how competitive their admissions process has become over the years.

Good luck!

Nathaniel Said:

what difference in applying for a public and a private business school in the US for an international student?

We Answered:

The application process will be the same. Transcripts, essays, test scores, etc.

Each school has different entry criteria, however. There are very selective public schools, and ones that are not selective. There are very selective private schools, and ones that are not so selective... so there are "good" and "bad" schools that are public and private.

In general, private schools' tuition is higher. But public school tuition isn't cheap, either. You will have to check with the university's international student office for help with the process of funding/aid/etc.

Ronald Said:

Schorlarships or funding as an international student from Nigeria.?

We Answered:

You can apply for foreign student aid through any number of government programs in the United States. You can find out by contacting the admissions department via e-mail for any major university. There are also special programs for students from depressed countries though I don't know if Nigeria is on the list. Europe, I'm not so sure about.

Larry Said:

I am an International student living and studying in England. How do I get funding for my Masters programme?

We Answered:

First point of call should be the Local Education Authority (LEA) that you are living in. They'll be able to guide you in the right direction

Shane Said:

I am an International student. How do I get funding for my Masters programme?

We Answered:

There should be an International Affairs department at your college. You need to speak with them. Also, speak with your adviser in your department. They are there to help answer questions like this. Good luck with your schooling!

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