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International Student Grant

Leona Said:

Am I eligible for PELL grant if I am an international student?

We Answered:

Yes you are. It is only dependent upon your need and that you are not in default. You can go to the U.S Department of Education to get more info. Just copy and paste this address.…

Bertha Said:

Can an international student get an scholarship grant in the united kingdom?

We Answered:


He sends spam to your email and will annoy you from now until you have the email address!!!

Marcia Said:

Am I eligible, as an international student, for the Singapore government tuition grant if I get into NUS?

We Answered:

It's certainly not easy to get the grant. You need to have very good scores to get in to NUS. The obligation is 3 years (to work in Singapore or for a singapore registered company) and that itself can be quite difficult given the current job market.

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