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International Student Health Insurance

Lucy Said:

Is it necessary to have a yellow fever immunization for Bolivia?

We Answered:

Yes, according to the most recent information from centers for disease control. I don't know why you would not be able to find it in Chile. Whether or not your insurance will pay for it is up to them- many insurance companies do not pay for vaccines and most do not pay for travel-related vaccines but it would not hurt to ask.

I have not been there myself but I would guess they will be very strict about having the vaccine. They have this requirement for a good reason- they do not want people coming into the country unimmunized, traveling to an area of the country with yellow fever, then causing an outbreak in another area of the country.…

Deanna Said:

what is the best Health Insurance in vancouver ?

We Answered:

Pacific Blue Cross is a well-known private plan. If you're going to be here that long, you should see if you qualify for British Columbia Medical Services Plan. It will cover most medical stuff far more cheaply than any other plan but doesn't cover any dental. Their website says that holders of study and work permits might qualify but you'll have to email them or phone them(not recommended, always a long wait on the phone) to find out.

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