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International Student High School

Charlotte Said:

Can I enter college after I finish my high school in a public school as an international student ?

We Answered:

no its not true... as an f1,you can go to any college/universities that will accept you. you will not, unfortunately, be able to get any scholarship nor get financial save money, study hard and make sure you remain as an f1 student throughout your college years! good luck!

Dianne Said:

[High School Student] I'm quite interested in International majors after high school. What suits my needs?

We Answered:

Many universities have an international business program. I think it depends on the university, but at least at mine, international relations is more about politics. What you could do would be to do a degree in international business or marketing, given your interest in fashion, or you could major in economics, focusing in international economics. International business or marketing would probably be your best bet, but some international econ classes won't hurt. Additionally, it would be a good idea to take some foreign language classes, perhaps even minor in one, and if you can fit it into your schedule, study abroad.

Good luck!

Shawn Said:

How can I get my High school transcript if I am international student?

We Answered:

Contact your high school by e-mail if they have one or if not contact the school authority under which the school operates.

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