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International Student Homestay

Terrence Said:

Desperately asking a question about guardian?

We Answered:

i dont think that u should have to stay with ur gaurdian, i think that ur gaurdian is there to help u and make sure that ur doing ok

Leon Said:

Can you help me with this traslation please, (spanish)???? Thank very much.?

We Answered:

La covertura medica será arreglada por el programa para comenzar 5 dias antes de tu programa de estudios comience. Si llegas a Canada antes de esa fecha, por favor asegurate de haber arreglado para tu cobertura medica temporal. Si estas pensando en hacer una transferencia, acontinuación nuestra información bancaria: programa estudiantil internacional.
Por favor incluir tarifas de la transferencia.
Las cuotas a pagar para homestay (quedarse en hogar) son $750 al mes y son pagadas normalmente por el estudiante directamente a la casa el primer dia de cada mes.

Vickie Said:

I think $1500 CAD/mnth for Homestay in Vancouver is crazy; how can t' edu. industry & t' gov get away w/ tis!

We Answered:

I know the average homestay fee is CAD$750/month in Vancouver, 1500 CAD/mnth is really crazy, it almost for 2 months.

Usually the homestay host makes contract with schools.

Ellen Said:

My new Girlfriend is in USA and jobless, wants to make money by doing Live Cam thing, what should i do?

We Answered:

repost this with a more dramatic name and you will get more answers.
"My Japanese girlfriend wants to do Live Cam for money...isn't that prostitution? Please help!" or something.

But I'll answer here...hmmm...I think she does do the video thing because Japanese are known for being reallly wild, but we stereotype asians as being polite, shy, and quiet...which is far from the truth! The girls act sweet because they have the "lolita" culture...but that culture there also has high school girls going on dates with old men for money and much more...
I think you should speak with her about this, but she might still not be open about it since you two have only been seeing each other for a couple weeks.
Also...I studied abroad and u can always visit her if she lives so close plus if she is here for the semester only, then she will go back to japan...not stay here....or at least not for long...
Its a well-known fact that white guys (im assuming u r) are a status symbol for asian women and even tho she might like u...she is trying to uphold that stereotype of the good, sweet, shy asian girl although she needs money...but since she is doing homestay...i bet the money is just for clothes and makeup and stuff since the family is supposed to provide free shelter and food and stuff. Yea...^^ How about YOU send her some money (just a little)...if u trust her.

Nicole Said:

I want to study at CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY ,but there are some other questions?

We Answered:

1) Closest airport will probably be Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, which is about 20 minutes from downtown Montreal.

2) Services to international students, what kind of services are you hoping for? It provides education, that is really the only service which matters. There is also an international student office which provides information to those new arrivals, they offer assistance with acedemic problems, immigration issues, loans etc.

3) General admission requirements:…

Psychology requirements:…

Gene Said:

Is this contract still effective under this condition?

We Answered:

You have a contract that is legal, and since you made an oral agreement about the rate hike, then you are still bound by a contract now both oral and written. There should be clause in the contract about dissolving the contract within reason. You did not say why you wanted to move and that could also help with your case?

Myrtle Said:

I left a bike($200) with homestay-family a year ago. They paid to get it adjusted without asking. what do I do

We Answered:

My Friend If U Leave Something At Someones House For A Year Then It Is Abandoned,Most People Would Laugh At You,Get A New Bike.........Keep Your Friends...They Did Nothing Wrong,Most People Would Have Given It Away Or Trashed It...

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