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International Student House

Loretta Said:

Can international student buy a house in New York with 50% down payment?

We Answered:

Easy answer - you can't your father can. Since you do not have steady income, you will not qualify for the mortgage. However, assuming your father's income and assets are sufficient, he can. Once the house is paid off, if the idea is that you will own it, he can always deed it over to you.

Lillian Said:

Im an international student here in vancouver. Parents are interested in buying house.?

We Answered:

Call up a bank and ask. They'd know best =) Good luck!

Tanya Said:

accomodation for an international student, Luebeck Germany?

We Answered:

Check the Mitwohnzentrale, they help you find shared accommodation:…

Christy Said:

International student buying a house in the U.S.?

We Answered:

Buying a house and car in USA will NOT get you a green card.

The best way to go about this would be to study hard and get your qualification. Use this qualification to find work with an employer who would be willing to sponsor you for a permenant (or work) visa.

If I am correct, your study visa should also allow you to work a limited job while you study - try to find an employer in your area of study who would be willing to sponsor you for a working visa when your studying is over.

Alternatives are to start your own business that will open up jobs for American citizens. This can get you a green card. Also, if you invest (A LOT, and I mean A LOT) of money into an American business, this can also qualify you for a green card.

Ivan Said:

can an international student buy the house under their name in uk after havign been here for 3 yrs?

We Answered:

If you have the money you can buy a property whether you are resident in the UK or not.
Owning a property does not give you the right to residence.

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