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International Student Id Cards

Ellen Said:

International Student ID vs University ID?

We Answered:

Yes, many places will only accept the ISIC card as proof of student status, regardless of whether or not you have your actual student id with you.

Julian Said:

I have an International Student ID Card (I'm from the UK) could I get student discount in Apple, Hong Kong?

We Answered:

Contact Apple?mac customer service and ask. Locate phone contact info here:

Dan Said:

Is an international student eligible for NY State ID Card?

We Answered:

You have to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in order to apply for a (non-driver) NYS Photo ID. You must bring proof of identity and your birth date in order to apply (you have to fill out forms).

Stacy Said:

Is International Student ID card useful in Western Europe?

We Answered:

There's no harm in bringing it. It seemed to me that when I travelled in Europe a lot of museums gave student discounts just to students who went to school in the EU (I was studying at a Brit. University at the time so I got in based on this) but some might honor a US card or my memory might be fuzzy. It won't weigh you down and you should be able to replace it fairly easily if lost, and it could save you a few Euro, so you might as well.

Lorraine Said:

Student ID Cards? HELPPPP?

We Answered:

I'm in my second year of sixth form and last year i just asked at the college library, so u could try there or the reception :) I'm sure some one will advise u :) x

Glen Said:

Is ISIC (international Student Id card) really helpful and worth buying ?

We Answered:

it depends where you use it. it can get you discounts for movies, train tickets, air line tickets, etc. in most european countries.
ive traveled around the world and i haven't saved that much more than the cost of the card.
i've never got a discount at a restaurant.
Most places that give you the discounts wont tell you they offer it you have to ask. It might make you like looking like a cheap-skate.

Marion Said:

International Student ID?

We Answered:

i personally wouldnt bother getting a new one. people here arent stupid and would be able to tell that your a tourist. as long as it has a picture of you, your DOB and proves that you are currently in education (in order to get student discount this is a must) and not old/expired or anything then youll be fine.

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