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International Student Identity Cards

Sally Said:

Have you ever used an ISIC card to get a discount on airline tickets?

We Answered:

Hopefully, you've already tried STA Travel who issues the ISIC cards and specialises in selling tickets exclusively to students and ISIC card holders?

Felicia Said:

Discounts when traveling by train in Germany with ISIC?

We Answered:

Anyone under 26 gets a student discount - with or without the ISIC.

But the ISIC is great for getting discounts on plays, movies, hostels, etc. And possible the local transportation

Shirley Said:

Can i travel with a ISIC Card?

We Answered:

An ISIC is good for student discounts for museums and other places that have student rates; that's it.
Your passport is adequate for ID.
Look into an international driver's license.

Jeanne Said:

What is a good way to get around via public transport in Rome, Paris and Barcelona?

We Answered:

In Rome, there's the Roma Pass which includes transportation and discounts on many entrance fees - the first two are free. You could also get just a weekly metro pass for Rome.

There's information for a Paris Pass here:…

Kelly Said:

discount for any tourist attraction entrance in europe just using student card?

We Answered:

Most places only accept the ISIC card, or a student ID card issued from a European institution. So in your case, I would strongly suggest that you get the ISIC card.

Veronica Said:

Is the ISIC actually worth its cost when travelling in Europe? How about the Hosteling International card?

We Answered:

Hostelling international cards save you 2 or 3 dollars a night at HI hostels (if you don't have a HI card you can still stay at HI hostels, you just pay a little more).

Is it worth it? You can find out on the road!, If you book your trip and discover lots of the places you are staying are HI, then you can buy a card. You can buy them at the hostels itself!

Make sure to check out Twizi! they list hostels all over the world that cost less than 25 dollars. (the link below will take you to their Barcelona page)

Have a great trip!

Ellen Said:

price of shinkansen tickets from shin osaka to hiroshima?worth it to buy the JR pass?

We Answered:

It's about 10K yen from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima. You don't have to buy JR pass if it's only one way.…

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