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International Student In Australia

Edgar Said:

What are the chances of working after graduation for international student in australia?

We Answered:

International student?I'm sorry to say: small chance if you are a fresh graduate, specially in the field of formal business such as engineer, IT or accounting.

I suggest you start to survey or have a look at the "demand" and the expected requirements from hiring companies nowadays. Check out in :

See whether they want to hire fresh graduate. Sometime they note if they want only local.
And yes, valid visa work is essential otherwise, just forget about it.
Some skill visas may need you to have work experience

Seth Said:

Can international student in Australia,Perth start his own business?

We Answered:

Under Australian immigration laws internation students who are enrolled in a course that lasts 1 year or more can work in Australia.

If this applies to you, I know you are legally allowed to operate as a sole trader.

There are no restrictions on owning businesses in Australia, so no matter what visa you are on, you can own an Australian business. However you might not be able to "work" for your own business.

It is easy to switch then to a business visa, which would allow you to run your business, and also to study.

This is a fairly complex matter, but if you are doing business there is really no real issue. If you are setting up and owning a business things are more difficult.

Brett Said:

Can I start a business if I am an international student in Australia?

We Answered:

Foreign students are strictly forbidden to work. You attend school, and that's IT! If you don't have enough money for school + living expenses, you must return to your own country.

If you want to start a business, you have to have a high net worth, invest according to the guidelines, and get an investor's visa. No school.

Jose Said:

Will a pregnant international student in Australia be asked to return home?

We Answered:

I am not familiar with Australian immigration laws, nor do I know if a baby born to an immigrant in Australia is automatically a citizen of Australia like they would be in the United States. However, I am willing to bet that two things will be considered: First, they will consider your health condition. I doubt they'd make you get on a plane or boat if a doctor says your health or the baby's health would be jeopardized. Second, your ability to extend the current visa would be another consideration. If you can extend it, they may see granting that as a way to permit you to stay that does not require them to recognize pregnancy as a reason to keep you there, as then they'd have to extend the same practice to other cases if they did cite pregnancy.

Sam Said:

car loan,international student Australia?

We Answered:

No way known you will get a loan for anything, let alone a car. Your only hope is a push bike and public transport.

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