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International Student In Canada

Lillie Said:

How long can international student work during Holidays?

We Answered:

international student can work fulli-time on summer holidays. its about 36 hours. good luck

Lloyd Said:

Can a US international student visit Canada?

We Answered:

It depends are you just visiting Canada or do you plan to spend a long time here, but you can come visit if you have your passport to show identification but you will need a Visa to spend a long time( months) here it will have to be Canadian. Hope you enjoy your visit if you come and enjoy your summer back in your home country too!

Lucille Said:

How hard is it to get into MIT as an international student from Canada?

We Answered:

You'd have about a 5% chance if you have very high grades, hard classes, and high SAT scores (yes, you will have to take the SAT, and some SAT subject tests as well). You really need to find a way to stand out to get into a school like MIT.

Terry Said:

International Student Canada- importing a car?

We Answered:

The car has to comply with Canadian safety standards. And all Lexus cars are not made the same. Aside from the cost of shipping the car, you will have to register and licence it - and have it inspected. If you are only going to be in Canada for a year, you would probably be better off buying a car in Canada, and selling it again before you leave.

Johnny Said:

Am an international student in Canada,Completing my studies soon.How do I get a Canadian work permi?

We Answered:

You cannot change the type of visa you have without returning home first.

Miguel Said:

what is the avrage salary for international student in canada?

We Answered:

11 bucks I think

Maybe + tips

You might need a permit to work off campus.

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