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International Student In Uk

Joseph Said:

Can one allowed do freelancing while studying Graduate as an International student in UK?

We Answered:

I don't think so. From memory, being self employed is not allowed.



Unlike a UK visit visa, or travel visa application, applicants for study permits may take part-time or holiday work but must not engage in the following.

* Work for more than 20 hours a week during term time (except in vacation periods), unless it is a work placement and part of a study program and the educational institution agrees.
* Conduct business, be self-employed, or provide services as a professional sports person or entertainer.
* Work full-time in a permanent job.…

There you go.

Violet Said:

am a international student in UK traveling to nigeria to visit my sick mum my college has gave me a letter?

We Answered:

yes it is ok, they might not even ask you for that letter but just take it with you in case and don't show it until they ask you to do so.

Vernon Said:

How to Settledown in UK after finish the degree as an International Student?

We Answered:

If you are doing IT work for your current employer part-time, there is a possibility, albeit fairly slim, that they might be able to sponsor you for a full-time job when you get your degree. It will really depend on how specialised your knowledge is.

There is always a big demand for IT specialists in the UK. Again, a lot is going to depend on how specialised your knowledge is.

A lot of people are probably going to suggest you get married. And although there's no doubt that a lot of people marry for residency, apart from the fact that officials are extremely suspicious of marriage after a brief "courtship", these arrangements usually end up badly. Now, if you happen to meet somebody and genuinely fall in love with them and they with you, then that's a different matter. There's only one really good reason to get married, and that is to be with the person you love.

PS: You should work on your English language skills, too. "Settledown" is not a word. You have no chance of getting employment through the work visa system if you haven't mastered the English language.

Marian Said:

I'm international student in UK. Can I get British citizenship through my German spouse living in Pakistan?

We Answered:

For Nationality, she must need to move to UK to live with you, and she needs to sponsor you for Settlement visa, means she must find work in UK & place to live & then u will have to go back to Pakistan to apply for Settlement Visa (if you are lucky u may be allowed to change the visa status in UK rather than going back to PK).

You will be given five years visa without restrictions and after the stay of five years in UK you will be given ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain), after three years of ILR (for spouses of British Citizens its 1 year) you will be eligible to apply for Naturalisation, once naturalised you can apply for British citizenship (that usually take 8 months from the date of Naturalisation).

Good luck.

Rosa Said:

what is the process of getting visa to paris (france )for an international student in uk ?

We Answered:

You would need to apply for the Schengen visa at the french consulate in UK. You will have to show that
1. You have booked your flight tickets
2. You have arranged for your accommodation in France
3. You have a medical insurance for the period you want to travel to France.
4. You have sufficient funds in your bank account to take care of your lodging and accommodation while you are in France.

Finally, you will have to have atleast 3 months left on your current UK visa.

All the best for your application

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