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International Student Inc

Jean Said:

Admission to Princeton for International Students. Can I make it?

We Answered:

You need to check on the immigrations laws. They have change.
You got to get visa papers. But go Ivy League School, go to easy one.
You are apt to get into it. Also it will save you money. Your chances might be in Canada. Think about it. Good luck.

Richard Said:

Has anyone ever heard of a company called Report Card International, Inc. They sell school supplies.?

We Answered:

Are you sure that is their correct name, because I do not see them listed under school related business.

Beware, do not send them any money until you have proof that they are a true company.

Nicholas Said:

How much does cost?

We Answered:

The ISV web site has complete information, including prices.

Julian Said:

I am looking for a manufacturer of 5 inch and 2 1/2 inch acrylic mirrors for a school project.?

We Answered:

You might start with this site, or just type in acrylic mirrors as a search string...

Erika Said:

Help About College!!! (SAT, Abroad, US citizen, International Student, GPA)?

We Answered:

My answers are coming from some research because I, too, wish to study in the US but am not from there.
I apologize about the long answers but you asked a big question:

1. SAT average scores vary wildly depending which school you wish to attend. For most good schools, a score of 600 in each part of the test is about average (just a bit above).
I recommend, if you know a bit about where do you want to go, go to, and use the "Find Your Match". Nothing couldn't be simpler. Then look for your college's average scores.

One little thing, you can take the SAT in asia, in just about every country, all the info is on

2. You have to take the SAT but you don't have to take the course, you can study either by yourself or take an express course, I don't know any in asia but you can get them outside the US too (I live in Israel and we have them)

3. Being an International student with a high-school diploma that's not american, all you have to do is get it translated and approved by a notary. This could easily be done in any law firm and shouldn't cost too much.

4. You are and American student, 100%

5. The only tip I can give you is to use, it's the simplest and most informative site in the SAT and going to college Business. Also it's all official information so no mistakes could be made.

Any more questions, send me a private message.

Brian Said:

For my daughter, need information on ASSIST-American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers

We Answered:

I just typed this for the points.

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