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International Student Leadership Conference

Shelly Said:

im going to go crazy! please help?? Guy problems and long distance.?

We Answered:

well if you like him? just tell him? tell him that you dont want it to ruin your friendship. you'll never know until you ask him. and im sure he wouldnt stick around if he wasnt just a little bit into you. and if you trust the person enough and they are truly worth it. it makes distance easy. ive been doing it for over a year, however its not as far as yours. best of luck.

Suzanne Said:

National Student Leadership Conference?

We Answered:

It's an honor to be invited.

I'm a HS FRESHMAN, and I got invited. But, my parents won't let me go. (I don't like them anymore. It's like they're trying to turn me into a failure.) I was invited to the Health and Medicine meeting (I want to be a doctor).

If you're parents will let you go, then you should go. It will look good when you finally apply to college.

Arthur Said:

only for people who give good advice?

We Answered:

if you really like him then just tell him. it won't ruin your friendship... sure... there might be awkward times and some ignoring here and there... but he will eventually warm up to you and if he doesn't like you, he'll stay as your friend. if he likes you back then that would be awesome...

i'm pretty sure he likes you too but is too shy to admit it. take the time to get to know him more and let him know more about you. let him see and notice and LOVE your good side and qualities... don't let any flaws ruin your chance with him!

suck up your gut and say what you really want from the bottom of your heart! i'm sure he'll understand and maybe even return your feelings! good luck! ^_^V

Marie Said:

Professionals only! Need help reviewing my resume and only beneficial critiques! ?

We Answered:

My first thoughts are this: Drop the supermarket job, it has nothing to do with business experience. Don't list every class you've taken in your major, that's just not a correct format. If you're a graduate it should look like

B.S. Business Administration, XXX University, Spring 1998 or "degree pending".

Clean up the business experience to include more active language. Answering 40 calls a day isn't much, so you might say managing incoming calls or heavy phones or whatever. Remember to always use big verbs for this type of thing.

You can write me if you need more help.

Patrick Said:

What are my chances of getting accepted to the following Univerisites based off of my Resume?

We Answered:

You don't need all the recommendations -- most schools require no more than three. But you'll certainly get in at AU and probably GW. Knowing Farsi is definitely a plus, so you've got a good shot at all the schools you're applying to. I'd guess that you'll have quite a lot to choose from when it's time to make a decision.

Jaime Said:

What are my chances of getting into the following Universities and what can I do to improve my chances?

We Answered:

Your chances are very high, your credentials are outstanding, nail your application essay and you're in. The only ones that I would be worried about would be Washington and Berkeley, but when I say worried I mean minimal because you will most likely get in. Have you already applied? If you havent I would not mention the invitation to the National Youth leadership Conference,(no offense but almost all students are) unless you actually attended it isnt worth mentioning.

Edna Said:

guys and girls, need tell him or not to tell him.?

We Answered:

I suggest when you see him again tell him how you feel. Instead of regrettingg never telling him how you feel for him and blowing away your chance at finding happiness or finding out that he likes you back. It seems to me he's interested in you. You two seem to be inseprable and seem to spend every waking moment talking to each other. If you can't wait that long to see him, I suggest you try a long-distance relationship or plan to see each other earlier in the year. Good luck!~ :3

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