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International Student Loans Without Cosigner

Katrina Said:

Apply for a student loan but I am not resident?

We Answered:

did you check with the financial aid office of the school you will be attending. maybe the could offer you alternatives in terms of grants, scholarships, etc that the school offers. i'm not sure about loan's for non-residents, but the financial aid counselor would know about alternatives for you.

Bob Said:

how does this loans by private lenders(email links) thing work? Is it safe to take loan from these people?help

We Answered:

I have no experience with private loans, but I've heard of friends that had problems with them, including due dates and payment plans. I'd reccommend federal loans. At least that way you can request a deferral if you go to grad school. You can also get a hardship deferral for up to 36 months if you should remain unemployed for a while after graduation. You can also consolidate payments to make them more manageable, although unconsolodiated loans usually charge reasonable monthly payments. With government loans, you know what you are getting.

Jerome Said:

Getting student loan for international student?

We Answered:

Sorry dude, you are not going to find anything here. Without a huge bank account balance you won't even be able to get a student Visa to get in the USA. My advice is to apply for a loan from a bank in the country you are in.

If there is only 1 university that offers that Major, it must not be in very high demand.... either you are misinformed or being misled. Don't do any major only offered at one school!!!

Clayton Said:

pls help...i can't give more den 5000$ i get a chance to study in US as intl student???

We Answered:

Try this website.

Bonnie Said:

How do I get a private loan without a cosigner and without credit?

We Answered:

Do you have any options in India? For example, maybe they have a similar program where the parents take out a loan for the student.

Your credit history will show your credit worthiness to potential lenders. Without credit history, you can't prove that you're financially responsible and would pay the lender back.

I'm not sure what school you go to, but the public schools here require international students to be able to pay for their education.

Have you been working? Can you get a job and maybe reduce the number of classes you take per semester? (I don't know if you're even allowed to work, but I'm just trying to explore some options.)

You might have to contact your school and request that you sit out a semester while you gather your funds.

Dorothy Said:

Can international students in USA take a year off and work to pay their fees?

We Answered:

Whether you can work depends on the type of visa you have.

Whether you can take a year off school and then return depends on the school policies and your status there.

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