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International Student Medical Insurance

Margie Said:

where can I find a list of lenders for a private student loan?

We Answered:

I'm sorry, but you will not find any legitimate private student lender that will approve you 2 month trip to Italy costing 15,000. This is just a simple fact. Your advisor is wise!!

I would discourage you from falling for all the SPAM that gets loaded into these types of questions. Don't divulge personal information to websites that advertise on Yahoo Answers. They are not legit. The only reason why they continue to do this is people don't see legitimate options and fall for them. It is a haven for identity theft for folks who don't know any better and don't have other options.

My advise is simple. Wait and do your trip AFTER get a full time job and can afford it without borrowing. You don't want to be paying that 15K back for the next 20+ years at private (sub prime and variable) student loan interest rates.

Carole Said:

How long does it take to get a French Long Stay Student Visa from the LA consulate?

We Answered:

Nobody will actually be able to tell you since the provisions just have changed recently and we have "peak visa time" at present due to the upcoming vacation period.

Whereas the L.A. consulate talks about a 10 days processing time ..… ..
the Washington D.C. consulate mentions a 10-15 working day processing and at least 10 day processing for U.S. citizens.… ..

I would not book a non-flexible flight ticket which cannot be changed since it may be possible that you won't get your passport back in time.
When your visa appointment is scheduled for July 22, the ten working day period will end August 5.

A twelve month travel insurance is acceptable for the initial issue of the residence permit which will be issued valid for up to one year. For extension of your Carte de Séjour you will have to check with the French authority (Préfecture) of the town you are staying in within the last three months of your permit validation; you may also need a new or an extension of the travel insurance to get your residence permit prolonged.

Jerry Said:

I am a student. What if I can't pay my medical bill?

We Answered:

You will need to have someone go in and negotiate the bills for you. Most hospitals have a financial office and they may be able to point you in the direction of assistance programs to reduce the fees.

The health plan I have, AmeriPlan has Patient Advocacy and they will negotiate the doctor and hospital bills over $2,500 (per event) for it's members. It would be a good idea to get some type of health plan for the future. Our family saved over $7,000. See below.

In Dec 2007 my 20yr old daughter Rebecca was hospitalized overnight for an overactive thyroid condition. Being a part time retail worker and full time student, she was really worried about how she would pay the hospital bill, which totaled $7466.45 When we got the bills we called AmeriPlan® and faxed all the bills to Melissa our assigned Patient Advocate. With the negotiations now completed, Rebecca is very happy to have saved over $7,000 Bill S.

Francis Said:

For Help! An interntional student getting pregnant, but don't want to do an abortion.?

We Answered:

Go to the International students center in your school, or go to your country's embassy or consulate. They will be more informed and educated about laws they have with your country regarding people in your similar situation. Do not take legal advice from someone who doesn't know what theyre talking about.

Lena Said:

Medical help from some foundation!!! Please Help!!!?

We Answered:

If he is legaly in the USA and is in a hospital in the USA. See about getting him on medicare or medicade. The hospital should have the information and forms to fill out. Or they should know who dose.

You can also see into financial aid. The hospital will have the information on that, too.

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