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International Student Part Time Job

Gene Said:

can an international student get a part-time job ?

We Answered:

I don't think so. My tutor was an international student and I asked him if he wanted a job and he said he couldn't have one.

Elmer Said:

How difficult can it be to get a part-time job for an international student in the Uk?

We Answered:

lie when they ask if you had experience since you dont live here they wont be assed to check up,you have to do what you can to get what you want :-)
and for the driving license urmm i dunno im like 26 and never drove in my life lol

Tim Said:

Is there any restriction for international student to have part-time job off campus in America?

We Answered:

You will probably need to get a work visa before you are able to have a job, if you are not a US resident.

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